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Patricia Whiddon

Patricia Whiddon was born Patricia Lane in Abilene Texas in 1961.  As one of three sisters and a brother, she spent her early years living all over the south with her mother, who was a single parent.  Patricia's family finally settled in the Houston, Texas area where she began using her skills as a painter to paint for some well know hand-made home decor manufacturers.  


Years later, Patricia started her own home decor company and painted thousands of hand-made wood items which were sold in specialty gift shops including the Opry Land Hotel in Nashville TN.  Today, you can find many of those items in homes throughout the south.


Patricia's passion for painting with acrylics have recently been eclipsed by her new found medium of magazine scraps (paper) on wood.  The new medium allows her to make art pieces that are truely unique and gives her an opportunity to try new techniques out.


Each new art piece can take hundreds of hours to create, so Patricia is always working on a project.  


Patricia has been married to Michael Whiddon since 1993 and has two boys.  


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