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Online Listening...

Christmas and Then Some can be listened to, Online, via your web browser.  There is no official app for CATS or for VosCast (its hosting service).  Online listening is as easy as going to and pressing the play button on the player on the home page.  
If you use the player on the home page to listen to CATS, your browser must stay on that page in order to keep playing CATS.  This means that if you browse to another website, or even another page with the same browser session, you will lose the audio from the stream.  In order to avoid this, we have provided links to the stream that will open in a totally separate browser window so that you can play the stream on that browser session and then continue browsing the CATS website or any other site you would like to go to.  The bottom line is... whether you use the player on the home page or select to run the stream from its own window... The CATS stream must have its own browser session/tab/window in order to keep the stream going un-interrupted.

CATS Player

Listener Page Icons

Click these icons to open the CATS stream on its own browser session.

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