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To the loyal listeners of CATS, the site will be off air for a while.  Finding a streaming service that will work with the site has been difficult but hopefully one will surface soon.  To all CATS listeners, please have a blessed and great Christmas and a happy new year.

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Christmas and Then Some: was created in 2004 to help showcase the Christmas and then Some broadcast and to share some of our special Christmas moments and thoughts.  Inspired by a Christmas radio show of the same name, and by other internet streaming radio stations, Christmas and then Some began broadcasting on Thanksgiving day 2003.  We later began broadcasting all Christmas 24/7 365 in 2007.  Unlike many Christmas stations, Christmas and then Some is a 10 hour program
and each element of the show is carefully programmed as opposed to the "Juke Box" style that many stations choose.  So tune in to Christmas and then Some by clicking the Listen Live link to the left.  Grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, curl up on your couch or cubicle, and enjoy the music you grew up with.  Feel free to browse the pages of the Christmas and then Some web site.  There are many neat '70's toy pages to look at under Favorite Things.    Think about the season as you interact with The Baby page.  On Christmas Eve you can even track Santa Claus on our site. I am Mike Doubleu and would love to hear from you.  Share your favorite Christmas memories and photos with us on Facebook.  Just click the Facebook logo on this page, or search Christmas and Then Some on Facebook.  Don't forget to like us!

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In Memoriam

Michael Whiddon

November 16, 1969-September 23, 2021


Michael spent countless hours developing and tweaking Christmas and then Some. Other than his family, it was the love of his life. Michael lost his battle with Covid 19 on September 23, 2021. Since then, our family has struggled to cope with that loss but we will survive. 

In the interim between Michael’s death and this week, the website has been silent. We thought it would have to be shut down but thanks to someone Michael had befriended over the years we are back on the air. Michael had the foresight to give a copy of the playlist to Jay Schmaltz and through Facebook contact, Jay worked with us to return Christmas and then Some to the air. We will be eternally grateful for his assistance.

So, CATS fans, please enjoy listening to Michael’s music selections. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

The Whiddon Family

Christmas News:

Featured Video - The Story of Silent Night
Check out The Music page for more videos of the stories behind our most loved Christmas tunes.

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