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Christmas and Then Some
Listener Line:

Share a Message

The music is timeless, the message is eternal. And our listeners are what keep the motor turning.  As we celebrate our 14th Season of Christmas and Then Some (CATS) we want to hear from you.  So here is a very easy way for you to share that special Christmas message as part of the actual CATS broadcast.  
Just follow these steps:

Dial the Christmas and Then Some Listener Line at 866-IAm-CATS.


Listen to the instructions from Uncle Trey and when he is finished... Simply:
Record your message.  
(Look at the message guidelines and suggestions at the bottom of this page.)
Week of
December 19th
If your message makes the cut, we will insert it into the CATS program and play it the Week of December 19th thru Christmas Day.
Sit Back and Listen to Christmas and Then Some as often as you can.  Tell your Loved-ones to listen.  Your message will play throughout the day and someone's day will be made.
When you Call In:
  • Speak Clearly - We want to hear your voice.
  • Tell us your first name only.  Then:
  • Tell us where you are from.  Then:
  • Tell us your message.
    • Try to stay under 25 seconds.  (You can do it... and everyone wont ​change the channel if you do stay under 25 seconds)
    • It can be shorter than 25 seconds.
  • Have fun.  
Some Call Ideas:
  • Tell parents/grandparents/kids Merry Christmas.
  • Share a favorite Christmas Memory.
  • Tell us about a favorite Christmas gift you got one year as a kid.
  • Tell us about your Soldier who is overseas.
  • Share a favorite TV show at Christmas.
  • What is a favorite tradition at your house.
  • What is your favorite Christmas food?
  • Make one up.  Have fun with it.
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